2018/2019 TUITION FEES
Fees are charged monthly with the cost of 35 sessions (33 lessons, 2 recitals) averaged over the school year. Fees are paid in a series of 9 postdated cheques, dated the first of each month, September through May.
Tution fees for MYC  students: $23/session = $89.33/month

A piano or touch-sensitive keyboard is required for all piano students to practice on.
The following are general guidelines for practicing and may vary with individual circumstances:
SS1, SS2, SB1: 5 to 15 minutes daily
SB2, SB3: 15 to 30 minutes daily
MB3, private students: 30 – 45 minutes daily

In the event of a missed MYC class you will be emailed the homework sheet.  There are no refunds for missed classes or lessons.

If you wish to withdraw before classes begin in September, I will refund the registration fee minus a $20 withdrawal fee. Post-dated tuition cheques will be returned to you.

If you wish to withdraw after classes have begun, there is no refund of the registration fee. For tuition, I will keep an additional two months of cheques, and return the rest to you. For MYC students who are moving, you can transfer to a new MYC class with another teacher without penalty.


Parent participation is mandatory for all MYC® classes. Please note that if you, or a suitable guardian, are unable to attend a class your child will be required to miss that lesson.

Siblings are not permitted in class. Please arrange for alternate childcare for your child’s siblings during class time.

Please turn cell phones to silent, or turn them off during class. If you absolutely must take a phone call, please leave the classroom to avoid disturbing the class.

Be on time for class. We start on time whether you are present or not. When you are late your child misses out and it is disruptive to the entire class. Thank you for your help!

Rough handling of any instruments or other items in the studio will not be tolerated. No gum, food or drink in studio during class time.