Recital Materials

Materials for the Winter Recital on January 27th, 2019

Group Song:  I Had a Little Rooster

Lyrics: I Had a Little Rooster lyrics

Recording:  Had a Little Rooster

Who sings what:
All parts of the song about the rooster:  all students
All parts about the horse:  Sunshine 1 (Austin, Charlie, Felix, Galen, William) and Moonbeams 3 (Averi, Ivana, Vanessa)
All parts about the snake:  Sunbeams 2 (Brayden, Gavin, Kai, Molly, Nirya, Rebecca, Samuel, Theo)
All parts about the owl: Sunshine 2 (Ana, Celeste, Josephine) and Sunbeams 3 (Erik, Julia, Miranda, Sebastien)